6 Tips for Metal Roof Maintenance

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6 Tips for Metal Roof Maintenance. Metal roofs provide homeowners many extraordinary benefits, but one of their most remarkable advantages is their durability. However, any roof will have a longer life by receiving periodical maintenance. Regarding metal roofs, maintenance tasks are noteworthy simple compared to maintaining other types of roofs. However, you will extend your metal roof lifespan by performing these simple tasks.

But, before going deep on how to maximize your metal roof life, let’s remind some safety tips you must follow.

6 Tips for Metal Roof Maintenance

Safety Tips for Maintaining a Metal Roof

First, don’t you feel secure scaling a ladder and walking on a roof? Then, do not try to perform a roofing inspection. Don’t forget that your safety is the most important element. So, a lever decision would be to call a roofing contractor experienced in metal roofs. They’ll have the necessary equipment and the skills required to do the job properly.

Are you an experienced handyman and you are sure that you can perform this task? Then, you should review first this safety checklist before going up to your roof. Consider this list especially if it comes to a seam metal roof:

  • Employ OSHA-approved fall protection.
  • Use soft-soled shoes. Black-soled shoes will leave marks on your roof that will be hard to eliminate, so avoid using them. 
  • To avoid slips, you must only walk on flat sections of the metal panels and near to the supports. Do not walk on rake flashings, gutters, fiberglass panels, skylights, or ridge flashings. The idea is to minimize foot traffic.

Once you have reviewed the safety requisites, you can check the maintenance tips for a metal roof.

Tips for Maintaining Your Metal Roof 

  1. Clean the Gutters in deep

Clean your gutters at least twice a year. If you live in a windy area or there are many trees around your home, you should do it more frequently. You have to check drain boxes and downspouts, looking for dirt, twigs, debris, and leaves. These elements can block your gutters, pushing back the water rain towards the roof. Also, it can lead to leaks and additional damages to your home roof, siding, and foundation.

  1. Trim Away Tree Branches

Tree branches extending over your home are dangerous for your roof. Remind that windy storms can make heavy trees fall and hit your roof, which can cause dents, scratches, or even worse damages. In case you detect roof damages, contact a professional roofing contractor. He should evaluate the damage extension and will say how to repair it.

  1. Look for Roof Penetration

It is unusual to find leaks in metal roofs. However, they can occur when silicon sealants warp and crack over time due to aging and harsh weather events. When they occur, homeowners typically find them in areas such as skylights and air vents. The water can leak through penetrations or cracks in the metal roof creating significant damage to your home.

So, make sure that your roofer fills any crack with flexible metal roofing sealant.

  1. Check for Damaged or Loose Roof Parts

Along with the long useful life of a metal roof, strong storms can cause the loss of a variety of roofing elements. Among them are roof sheets, ridge caps, flashings, fasteners, venting materials, closures, and more. 

Are you unsure about what to look for? Call in a roofing professional contractor. He will identify any issue and will know how to address it.

  1. Check for Corrosion

Some areas in your home usually release heat, steam, or chemicals that damage the metal roof paint. When the metal roofing panels lose their coating are exposed to the weather elements and corrosion begins. 

Look for signs of corrosion around heating and air vents, air conditioners, the chimney, and oil condensers above cooking areas. 

  1. Clear Waterways

If rainwater finds debris, sticks, or leaves collecting on your roof surface, it won’t drain from your roof. So, flat areas of your roof can become water-pooling areas. These situations will lead to mold, rust, or rot damaging your roof. 

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