Be Aware: 5 Most Common Examples of Roofing Scams

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Be Aware: 5 Most Common Examples of Roofing Scams. Time after time, gullible Marshall, TX homeowners fall prey to roofing scams. As a result, not only do they lose a lot of money in the end, but they are also left stuck with a poorly performing and shabby roofing system for their home.

Fraudulent roofers are not that easy to identify especially for inexperienced homeowners. However, some telltale signs should be enough to warn you about these scammers. Watch out for these five common roofing scams.

Be Aware: 5 Most Common Examples of Roofing Scams

1. Fly-by-night Roofers or Storm Chasers 

Storm chasers are fly-by-night roofers that often appear after a bad weather event. They approach homeowners by traveling door-to-door and offering to replace or repair their roofs at huge discounts.

Sometimes, they even manage to convince homeowners to replace their roofs that are not damaged at all. The worst part is the quality of work performed by these incompetent roofers. Their lack of expertise and zeal to replace maximum numbers of roofs in the neighborhood are often evident from poor quality installations.

The longevity of these roofs, in most cases, is not even half of a professionally constructed and installed roof. 

2. Outrageously Low Prices 

Some roofers may offer you surprisingly low prices in the beginning. However, once the project starts, the expenses add up quickly due to inflated material costs or unforeseen problems in these hastily managed projects. No doubt, the roofing industry is highly volatile and prices do fluctuate, but trusted contractors that are worth their salt never increase the material cost in the middle of a project. 

3. Non-existent Damage

Sometimes, roofers may ask you to replace or repair your roof even if the roof is in good shape. They may show you some vague damage that’s not even visible to you. These shady contractors will try to convince you about the roofing damage that’s not even there. They may even go to the extent of creating defects themselves, giving a bad name to the whole roofing industry. 

4. Insurance Frauds

Roofing contractors can commit insurance frauds in several ways. For instance, they can make two different invoices – a cheaper invoice for the homeowner and one with a substantially higher price for the insurance company. This fraud can cause serious legal complications for you.

5. High-Pressure Sale Tactics 

This is probably the most common and annoying roofing scam out there. In this, the roofer shows you a “once in a lifetime deal” with his overenthusiastic presentation, pressuring you into signing a contract immediately. Most often, contractors even resort to misleading or false claims if the homeowners show any kind of hesitation. 

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