East Texas Roof Repair

Do you need an East Texas roof repair? A Leaky roof can cause you a lot of stress. Have you noticed water stains on your ceiling? Are you concerned with how old your roof is and are unsure if it can withstand the next East Texas wind or hailstorm? 

If you said yes to any of these questions, don’t hesitate to contact Peak Perfection Contracting. As the East Texas area’s premier roofing professional, our highly skilled roofing team has the expertise necessary to thoroughly inspect the roof on your home or business for signs of storm damage or roof leak issues. We use top roofing materials from roofing industry giant CertainTeed to guarantee your roof is fixed right the first time. 

The sooner we find and fix your roof related leak the sooner you stop water related damage to the interior of your home or business.

East Texas Roof Repair: What’s the First Step

The first thing you should do if you see an obvious water leak from your roof is call Peak Perfection Contracting and request a free roof inspection. Our roof repair services start with a trained project manager doing a thorough inspection of your roof. 

Residential Roof’s Common Problem Areas

One of the most common problem areas on a residential roof is your plumbing pipe boots. This is the most common roof leak we see on Longview, Lindale and Tyler Texas homes. Practically every house, unless extremely old will have at least 1-6 plumbing pipe boots. To save money on a new roof installation most roofing companies will install a plastic 3 in 1 pipe boot. Over time these plastic pipe boots will dry rot and allow water to penetrate your roof causing attic and interior water damage. 

Your roof’s valleys are the next biggest roof leak area we see. Your home is going to likely have many valleys which are possible roof leak areas unless you have a gable style roof or other roof type that does not utilize a valley. 

Chimney leaks are probably the next most common roof leak area we see. The reason it is 3rd down our list is not every home has a chimney, so we do not run into as many roof leaks from a chimney as a plumbing pipe boot. 

Skylights are a very common roof leak problem. The old saying is true, it’s not if a skylight is going to leak but when. Skylight leaks are a very common roofing problem. If Peak Perfection does a skylight repair, you will be in good shape. If a skylight repair will not stop your roof leak problem, we will recommend a new skylight from Velux Skylights & Roof Windows. 

Every portion of your roof has a part to play in protecting your home from the elements. However, with all the East Texas volatile storms, strong winds and hail can leave your roof vulnerable to rainwater penetration into your home.

The Peak Perfection Roof Inspection Process

If you have asphalt roof shingles, we’ll check for torn or missing shingles and nails that have over time backed out of the wood and shingles. It would shock you to know how much water can leak through a nail hole. 

If you have a metal roof, we will look for screws that have backed out as well as for rubber washer around the head of the screws with dry rot. Metal roofs expand and contract more than a shingle roof does, causing the metal screws to back out over time. The rubber washers around the head of the screw will dry rot over time. In the past you could count on getting between 7 to 15-years out of metal screws. So, if your metal roof is 7-15 years old you should certainly get a roof inspection done soon. 

If you have a tile roof, Peak Perfection will inspect for cracked or missing tiles. Roof tiles that have slipped down and are out of place. We will also look for deteriorated underlayment. 

If you have a commercial flat roof, we will check every square inch for cracks, bubbles, blisters, or other signs that indicate a roof leak is present. Commercial roofs can be many types, like torch down or modified bitumen, TPO and even older type roofs like tar & gravel. At Peak Perfection Contracting we have seen every type of commercial roof there is, and our skilled roofing crews can handle all types. 

All these roofing issues can be addressed professionally and quickly with our roof repair services. If the cost of a roof repair is over 31% of the cost of a new roof, we likely will recommend a new roof replacement at that point. At Peak Perfection Contracting we love doing roof repairs and we pride ourselves on honesty and good communication with our roofing clients and will recommend the most appropriate roofing service to meet your need. Another great thing about a Peak Perfection East Texas roof repair is all of your roofing project documents will be in your very own client portal. You will be able to access your SSA client portal 24-7 forever. 

A Local Roof Repair Company Serving Longview, Lindale, and All East Texas

Based in Longview, Texas, Peak Perfection Contracting is the premier roofing company for the East Texas area communities. You’ll be hard pressed to find another local roofing contractor with the same level of experience and the same commitment to providing exceptional craftsmanship. When you join the Peak Perfection family, we’ll be there for you even after we repair your roof back to its best condition. Contact Peak Perfection today and set up a free roof proposal and estimate. We invite you to come visit us and experience the Peak Perfection difference.