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Many of your Longview, Texas neighbors, and local business owners have already had the opportunity to experience Peak Perfection‘s Longview Texas roofing services. Peak Perfection Contracting only installs the highest-quality roofing systems from the CertainTeed Corporation, the most trusted name in the roofing manufacturing industry. 

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Peak Perfection

Peak Perfection Contracting provides Longview Texas roofing services like roof repairs & new roof installations!

Check out this happy Longview Texas homeowner’s great 5-Star Google review. Peak Perfection Contracting’s goal on every roofing East Texas job we do is to make a 5-Star Google review with you. At Peak Perfection we are not happy until you are. 

5 star review roofing

Peak Perfection Contracting in the premier roofer in Longview, Texas for roof repairs and new roof installations, along with skylight repairs and new skylight installation on your residential home or your business. 

Peak Perfection Contracting are an expert with your roofing insurance claims. We can help walk you through the entire process with your insurance company. Peak Perfection also has the best roof warranties in Texas.

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Roofing Services Offered by Peak Perfection

Roof Repair

At Peak Perfection Contracting your Longview Texas Roofing Services, we believe that a good roof repair can save our Longview homeowners money. In many cases, a roof will leak from one of five very common areas, a plumbing pipe boot, a chimney, the valley of a home, wall flashings, or a very common roof leak problem, an old leaky skylight. 

Peak Perfection can give you a free roof inspection with a digital analysis showing exactly what your roof damage is and what the roof repair cost will be. If the roof repair is under 30% of the cost of a new roof, it may make sense for you to get a roof repair rather than a new roof installation. 

Peak Perfection wants what is best for you, the Longview, TX homeowner. 

New Roof Installation

In many cases, a good roof repair from Peak Perfection from your Longview Texas Roofing Services is just not going to give your roof and home the protection you want, need, and deserve. In this case, a new roof installation with a top roofing material like CertainTeed shingles and roofing products is what you are going to need. 

For your Longview Texas Roofing services, we recommend the CertainTeed brand of roofing materials. CertainTeed is one of the largest roofing material manufacturers in the world and our partner in roofing. CertainTeed is a great partner to have for peace of mind for Texas roofing. 

Skylight Repair & New Skylight Installation

A leaky skylight can drive a homeowner crazy. In many cases, you can repair a leaky skylight if the glass is intact and the skylight unit is not too old. Many times, a skylight is just too old and worn out, sometimes they can even be hard if not impossible to see through. The old acrylic dome skylights are bad about this. If your skylight can’t be repaired, we recommend the Velux Skylights & Roof Windows. Velux skylights are the most trusted in the skylight industry and that is why at Peak Perfection we only install Velux Skylights & Roof Windows. 

New Roof Installation

When a good Longview Texas Roofing services such as a roof repair just isn’t what is needed, we are always here for your new roof installation. This is where the CertainTeed Corporation partnership really comes in handy for our homeowners. With the backing of powerhouse CertainTeed, a Peak Perfection roofing client can get up to a 50-Year roofing warranty. You can’t beat a Peak Perfection & CertainTeed roof warranty.  

Attic Insulation

Most people don’t realize, but your attic insulation is part of your roofing system. Your roofing system consists of roofing shingles and other roofing materials, attic insulation, and attic ventilation. You need all these components to make up a solid roofing system. 

Having Peak Perfection give you a free attic inspection is a smart idea. Having the proper amount of attic insulation will make your home more comfortable and energy-efficient. 

Attic Ventilation

As already mentioned, attic ventilation is part of your roofing system. If you do not have proper attic ventilation you will literally cook your roofing shingles. For proper attic ventilation and to protect your investment, your new roof, you need air intake in your attic as well as air exhaust from your roof’s ridge. 

Have the Longview Texas Roofing Services from Peak Perfection Contracting check your attic and see if you have proper attic ventilation. 

Your Experience is Priority #1 at Peak Perfection

Check out this happy Longview Texas roofing client. Your overall experience with Peak Perfection from an expert roofer is what we are so concerned with. You and your experience throughout the entire roofing process are critical. 

5 star review roofing

Peak Perfection Contracting is the only roofing company in the area that provides every roofing client with their very own client portal. Peak Perfection has a roofing client portal for all our clients, so you can keep up with your files like insurance scope of loss, job pictures, and all payments. You can even make electronic payments in your client portal if you would like. When you Google “best roofing contractor near me,” Peak Perfection will be your top choice!

Helpful Information During Your Longview Texas Roofing Services

Check out any of these informative pages on our roofing website for tons of great information that will keep you prepared for your roof repair project or your new roof installation. 

Pre-Job Checklist

The pre-job checklist will get your ready for your roof repair or your new roof with great information like crew arrival times, informing you about what to do with your cars, yard, and other things like vibrations from the roof work. 

Common Roofing Questions After A New Roof Installation

After any roofing project, roof repair, or a new roof, all homeowners are going to have questions. This page of our website will let you know what to expect after your roofing project. 

About Your Peak Perfection Client Portal

This is a page just talking about your very own SSA roofing client portal. We will tell you how to login to your portal and some of the cool things you can do while in the portal itself. 

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About Our Great City of Longview Texas

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Longview Texas is located at coordinates: Coordinates:  32°30′33″N 94°45′14″W

Longview’s FIPS Code 48-43888

GNIS feature ID 1374716

Longview, TX telephone area code is 903

As far as size goes, Longview is not a huge city, at least not by Texas standards everything in Texas is big. Longview Texas is the 45th largest city in the state of Texas. Longview is in two different counties of Texas, Gregg County, and Harrison County. Most of Longview is in Gregg County but it should be noted that a small part Longview is in the western section of Harrison County. 

Longview Texas is along I-20 and US Hwy 80 in East Texas and not too far from Dallas and just north of the Sabine River. The population of Longview TX was just over 80,000 people as of 2010, which was the last census done. 

Longview is not one of the oldest cities in Texas either. Being established after the civil war in 1870 makes it one of the younger cities compared to some. Today the city of Longview is considered a major hub city for the region, as it is close to the city of Tyler. 

Even though by Texas standards Longview is not huge nor old, it is a great city as well as a great city to live in. Companies like Eastman Chemical, AAON Coil Products, and Trinity Rail Group all call Longview home, and in 2014 Forbes magazine ranked Longview TX the sixth fastest-growing small city in the United States, a great distinction for our town. 

Longview Texas Roofing

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions for a Longview Texas Roofer

Do You Do Roof Repairs in Longview?

Yes, we love roof repairs at Peak Perfection. If we can save one of our client’s roofs with good roof repair, we feel we have done our job. 

Do You Have Workmanship Warranties on Your Roofing Services?

Yes, we have a 10-year warranty for a new roof installation and a 1-year warranty for a roof repair. 

How Long Should I Expect A Roof Repair to Last?

This is a great question. Without seeing the needed repair beforehand, it would be impossible to give you even a ballpark figure. The reason is, we would need to know the age of the roofing materials around where the roof repair would be performed. 

If it were a valley repair and the age of the shingles that would be connected to the new roof repair shingles are extremely old this would affect the length of time our roof repair would last. 

Do You Repair & Install New Skylights in Longview?

Yes, we have done many skylight repairs. In many cases, you can do a skylight repair and save you old skylight but is some cases the age of the skylight and the shape it is in requires a new skylight. If we must do a new skylight installation, we recommend the Velux 10-Year no leak skylight. Velux Skylights & Roof Windows is the most trusted name in the skylight industry. 


If you have additional questions about the Peak Perfection Longview Texas roofing services, please call us today.