Peak Perfection Roofing Client Portal

We provide every customer a Peak Perfection roofing client portal, it’s not just about a new roof, we want your entire roofing process and experience with us to be exceptional. We are not perfect and have never claimed to be, however, we can and should provide you with an exceptional experience.

Your SSA Roofing Client Portal

One of the ways Peak perfection Contracting is different and provides you with a better roofing experience than other roofing contractors is our one of a kind roofing client portal, called SSA, Store Share Access. This is your very own client portal that will keep up with all your roofing files like your insurance scope of loss, any contracts, roof bids and estimates as well as any supplements from your insurance company. 

In your Peak Perfection client portal, you will be able to see where your roofing job is scheduled on our calendar as well as make sure all your roofing materials for your job are as you ordered. You can email or text your project manager about anything related to your project. 

You can even sign roofing bids, financing documents and completion certificates electronically. You can even pay for your roofing project right from your client portal. You can pay using a credit card, debit card or even by check without ever having to lick an envelope. 

If you have roofing documents that come to you from your insurance company after your project manager has left your home, you can even upload those to your client portal for your company representative. 

There are so many benefits to have the Peak Perfection client portal that it’s hard to list them all out. 

Our Roofing Client Portal: Features & Benefits

  • Picture of the front of your home verifying the correct home
  • Email and texting for easy communication with Peak Perfection
  • Your crew chief and project manager’s names in your account
  • Type of roofing materials and color of shingles for verification
  • The number of squares for your home
  • All insurance related documentation
  • Mortgage company information
  • All files that come up during your project stored
  • Pre job, job progression and job completion pictures all in one place
  • Ability to sign documents like bids, financing forms and completion certificates
  • Ability to upload documents to your own account

No other roofing company in East Texas can provide you with all these benefits. Our goal is to prove to you that Peak Perfection Contracting is the best roofing contractor in the Longview, Lindale and Tyler Texas areas. 

To make an appointment, please fill out our request a quote form and we will respond to your inquiry as quickly as possible. We’ll answer any questions you may have and discuss the Peak Perfection roofing process with you. We will explain what to expect from us at every stage of the roofing process and explain how we can work with your insurance company to get you the new roof you deserve. We appreciate your consideration and are excited to work with you.