Reasons Why You Need a New Roof System

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Reasons why you need a new roof system on your Marshall, TX home start with storm damage but certainly don’t end with hail & wind. We follow with our series about the causes of asphalt shingles failures and the reasons why you may need a new roof. Next, we’ll present information to help you recognize signs of aging in your asphalt roof. It is crucial to be alert about these conditions to ensure your roofing system stays in good shape.

In this sense, proper maintenance plays a fundamental role. Roofing leaks may lead to big and costly damage. Likewise, moisture will deteriorate the roof deck and the rafters.

Therefore, when spotting these signs, you only must call the Peak Perfection Contracting specialists and solicit an inspection. We are experts in asphalt roofing and serve the greater Cincinnati area.


The Effects of the Elements on the Lifecycle of Asphalt Roofs

Every day, that immense heating source we call the sun impacts our roofs with its rays generating high temperatures on them. These rays can elevate the roof’s temperature between 50- and 75-degrees Fahrenheit over your house’s inner temperature.

The heat intensity reaches its peaks during afternoon hours. Besides, the ultraviolet rays age the roofing materials and crack the shingles’ asphalt. The granules on the surface of these shingles are intended to protect them from these rays. Without them, they would degrade quickly.

Also, moisture, pollution, and other elements such as hail, snow, fallen tree branches can deteriorate your roof.

The weather seasons’ changes also contribute to aging asphalt roofs. These changes cause a continuous process of contraction and expansion of the shingles and the structure under them. This process repeats permanently over time, so the shingles become fatigued.

For example, during the summer season, your roof resists the strong heat from the sun. Temperatures may reach 160 degrees Fahrenheit or even more. But, when a cold front with thunderstorms enters your area, the air temperature drops, and the rainwater from your roof evaporates. This combination causes the temperature to fall suddenly between 50- and 100-degrees Fahrenheit.

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Roofs can suffer changes like these even faster during winter. When ice and snow accumulate on the roof, the ice goes smelting during the day. Then, it freezes again as temperatures drop.

The repeated ice refreezing increases its mass. Moreover, as the water freezes, it elevates its volume applying huge force against the structures restricting it. As a result, the roof will deform and crack, leaving spaces for water filtering. Also, ice formation avoids the proper water draining. All these issues generate roofing leaks. The water getting into the attic will cause additional damage.

In this sense, expert roofing companies like Peak Perfection Contracting offer roof inspections in the Greater Longview, and Marshall, Texas Area. These professional roofing services will help you to prevent costly repairs in the future.

Asphalt is a fundamental component of roofing shingles. This element provides the following features or properties to the shingle structure:

  • It maintains the roof integrity through its waterproofing characteristics.
  • Since it is a petroleum derivate consisting of oils. It helps to the shingles’ pliancy and elasticity.
  • Also, the asphalt fixes the granules to the shingle surface, increasing its overall strength.

Asphalt suffers a wear and tear process due to the weather elements’ action. The oils present in the asphalt migrate to the shingle surface over time. Then, the rain, snow, and ice erode these oils. This process continues when new oils are also transferred to the surface. Besides, materials are oxidized by the sun’s heat. So, the shingles become fragile.

We have seen how external forces corresponding to environmental elements affect roofing shingles. However, internal dynamics can also shorten the shingles’ life.

Due to some studies, we know that poor ventilation in air space avoids air circulation. In consequence, these spaces become ideal places for moisture growth. The heat accumulated in attics with insufficient ventilation degrades the roof through the moisture effects in roofing decks.

As you can see, many factors contribute to accelerating the aging process of asphalt roofs. Every day they must withstand radiation, fluctuating temperatures, and strong storms. So, since their installation, the decomposition process of roofing materials begins.

Have you seen signs of aging in your roof? Call Peak Perfection Contracting for a consultation at 903-207-5764. We’ll offer you a free roof evaluation plus a recommendation to protect your investment.

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