Residential Roof Installation

When it comes to getting a new residential roof installation on your home, you want, need and deserve the best local roofing company to handle your roofing job.

Peak Perfection Contracting is your Longview and East Texas roofing specialist.

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Residential Roof Installation: Proper Roof Installation Techniques

Your new residential roof installation is something that will last you for decades if done correctly. At Peak Perfection Contracting, we feel it is important that you know exactly how we will install your new roofing system on your Longview, Tyler or Lindale TX home. 

We have had this page of our Peak Perfection website built just to explain how we will install your new roof, inform you of what roofing products we will be using and are available as well as the roof warranty you will have at the completion of the roofing project. 

A Peak Perfection Lifetime Asphalt Roof by the CertainTeed Corporation

Yes, you read that headline right. At Peak Perfection we will install you a new asphalt shingle roof made by roofing industry giant, CertainTeed Corporation and when we get finished with your roofing project, you will have a lifetime roofing system. 

Lifetime shingles are the premier line of roofing shingles by the CertainTeed Corporation. The Landmark series is our number one recommendation. If the Landmark roofing shingles are installed with the CertainTeed hip & ridge shingles like ShawdowRidge or the MountainRidge hip & ridge shingles, you will be eligible for a 130 MPH wind warranty as well as the CertainTeed 5-Star roof warranty.

Not just any roofing contractor can offer these warranties from CertainTeed, only a credentialed CertainTeed roofing contractor. The best roofing contractors in Longview, Lindale, or Tyler Texas and the surrounding areas will be credentialed by the CertainTeed Corporation and only these roofing companies can offer this high standard of roofing warranty.

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Residential Roof Installation: The Peak Perfection Install Process

Your new residential roof installation will start with the roofing material distributor delivering your roofing material. The material will normally arrive the day before or the day of the roofing project. If there has been a recent hail or windstorm in the East Texas area this could be adjusted due to demand. 

Next Peak Perfection will prepare your home for the new residential roof installation by tarping your yard near the eve of your home as well as tarping landscaping and tender vegetation. 

Removing Old Roofing Felt 

Next, Peak Perfection will strip off your old asphalt roofing felt and check your roof’s decking to make sure you do not have any rotten wood in your decking. If we find rotten wood, we will replace all decking as needed. We must have what is called a nailable surface to drive the roofing nails into. 

This process can take a few hours or possibly an entire day depending on the size of your home and the pitch of the roof. In some instances, there will be more than one layer of old roof felt which will add to the time it takes to fully remove the old felt. 

Proper felt instal with stripped deck

Installing the Eve Flashing or Drip Edge

The next step in the residential roof installation process is the eave flashing, most commonly called drip edge. The drip edge is vital to protect the very venerable edge of your roof. The drip edge will kick the water off your fascia boards and protect the fascia and soffits from rotting over time. 

Installing the Ice & Water Shield

After we get the drip edge installed, it’s time for your ice & water shield. At Peak Perfection we recommend the CertainTeed Winterguard ice & water shield. We add the Winterguard ice & water protection to all your valleys, around all penetration points like plumbing pipe boots, exhaust vents as well as around any chimney flashings and under eves and roof overhangs. Now, if rainwater does penetrate your shingles you have the synthetic felt and a third barrier of ice & water to protect your roof’s deck.

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Installing New Synthetic Roofing Felt

Once we have a clean roof deck to work with and the drip edge in nailed down, it’s time to add the new synthetic roofing felt. These steps vary just a little with where the felt is going. As per manufacturers guidelines, we put the felt under the drip edge on your rakes and over the drip edge on your eaves. The rake of your home is the edge of the roof that goes upwards to your roof’s ridge. This system protects your home better in high wind and rain situations

Residential Roof Installation:  Asphalt Roofing Shingle Installation

Now it’s time for your new roofing shingles to be installed. This is what it’s all about right here. At Peak Perfection Contracting, we recommend the CertainTeed Landmark series, a lifetime roofing shingle. When we install the Landmark roofing shingle with the full roofing system from CertainTeed, you are eligible for up to a 50-Year warranty from the CertainTeed Corporation. This is the roofing shingle that will give you true peace of mind when those East Texas storms blow through. 

Residential Roof Installation: Hip & Ridge Roofing Shingles

After the Landmark roofing shingles are installed it is time for the capping. Capping is when we install the Hip & Ridge shingles. At Peak Perfection we recommend the ShadowRidge or MountainRidge hip & ridge roofing shingles by CertainTeed. 

When we build your new roof  the way you have read on this page and we use the ShadowRidge capping, you now have the CertainTeed roofing system and are eligible for the CertainTeed 50-Year warranty.

Ridge Vent Installation

The only thing left to install on your new roof is the ridge vent. Most people do not realize that attic ventilation is critical for the longevity of your new roof. Your attic ventilation is also part of your roofing system along with your attic insulation. 

It takes all these components to protect your home and for you to have the best roofing system. Don’t let a roofing company give you a cheap roof estimate and end up in just as bad a situation as when you started. Only an elite roofing contractor that cares about you, will give the time to educate you on all these critical roofing points.

Ridged Vent Installation
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FAQ Frequently Asked Questions about Residential Roof Installation

Are the Type Roofing Shingles Installed Important?

Yes, proper installation is one thing however, the quality of the roofing shingles is extremely important. The CertainTeed Corporation has over 100-years in the roofing manufacturing business and not only makes the roofing industry’s best shingle, they have the financial strength to back up the 50-year warranty they offer. 

Should the Old Roofing Felt Be Removed from the Roof’s Deck?

Yes, you should absolutely remove the old asphalt-based roofing felt from your roof’s deck during a re-roofing project. This is where many local roofers will try to cut costs to give you a cheap roofing bid. Shady roofers will even tell you it’s another this is another layer of insulation. This is not true and just one more way to fool you into a cheap roof bid. It’s also what we call a lazy roofer. Let Peak Perfection Contracting show you the best roofing system in the roofing industry, and it certainly starts with a clean roof deck. 

Is it Necessary to Use Synthetic Roofing Felt?

Yes, synthetic roofing felt will protect your roof’s deck much better than the old cheap asphalt roofing felt from the past. At Peak Perfection this old type of roofing felt is the past, we do not use it. The roofing felt is your last line of defense if water does happen to penetrate your roofing shingles. This makes felt not only very important, it makes the quality very important as well. 

Are Hip & Ridge Shingles Truly Important for My Roof? 

Yes, this is yet another area where cheap roofers will cut corners. A shady roofer will not even mention a true hip & ridge shingle in fear it will make the new roofing job look too expensive and they may lose the job. At Peak Perfection we feel it is our job to educate you on all your options as well as show you the products. To have the full roofing system and a full 130 MPH wind warranty you must have the true hip & ridge shingle. 

Lesser roofing companies will also not tell you that the 3-Tab shingle they recommend is engineered to lay flat and not bend. As soon as you bend a 3-tab shingle over your hips & ridges, the matting or back of the shingle is going to break in areas. It is just a matter of time before wind driven rain penetrates this critical area of your roof defense.

 What Type of Roofing Warranties are Available? 

There are so many types of roof warranties available for your Longview and East Texas home we would need to send a project manager to your home and explain each one to you. The type shingle and hip & ridge shingles along with other roofing hardware will determine the different types of roofing warranties you qualify for. A Peak Perfection trained project manager can explain each roof warranty to you.