Shake Style Roofing: All You Need To Know

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Shake Style Roofing: All You Need To Know. Gone are the days when shake roofing was synonyms with just wooden shingles. Today, roofing shingles for shake roofs are available in a range of modern materials including asphalt and fiberglass that will make any home beautiful. They are affordable, long-lasting, and require very little maintenance throughout their lifespan. Most importantly, they can help you achieve the same character and charm as that classic hand-split wood shakes without breaking a bank. 

Shake Style Roofing: All You Need To Know

Advantages and Limitations of Wood Shakes

Wooden shakes are well known for their unrivaled aesthetic appeal and excellent durability. Furthermore, they are recyclable and energy-efficient. But on the downside, they need regular maintenance throughout their life. In absence of proper maintenance, they can curl or split over time, compromising the structural integrity of your whole roofing system. 

Wooden shakes are susceptible to fire especially if you live close to a wildfire zone. Another major drawback is that they’re quite expensive. High-quality wooden shakes can cost twice or thrice the cost of asphalt shingles. 

Shake Style Roofing Shingles: A Perfect Combination of Style and Performance

Homeowners looking to reduce their energy costs and prolong the life of their roofs should opt for shake-style roofing. These roofs need minimal maintenance and they don’t decay or rot like wooden shakes.

Composed of fiberglass base mat, coated with a waterproof layer of asphalt and covered with ceramic granules for extra protection against the harsh UV rays, these shingles are long-lasting, Class A fire-resistant, and highly energy-efficient. 

Additionally, shake-style shingles are lightweight and do not fade with time. Shingles offered by trusted roofing specialists like Peak Perfection are Energy Star certified and backed by extensive warranties. 

Why Should You Choose Shake Style Roofing?

Homeowners, who are worried about losing that rustic charm of wooden shake shingles, should not worry at all. These modern shake styles shingles come in incredibly detailed and intricate designs that can help you attain a multidimensional and uniquely sculpted appearance for your home. 

Available in a wide range of colors and styles, they can effortlessly complement any siding, stucco, or trim with aplomb. The huge variety of designs and colors of shake-style shingles allow them to be layered or blended to attain a truly distinctive-looking roofing system, elevating the curb appeal to a whole new level. 

Get In Touch With the Leading Roofing Experts

Whether you’re looking to replace your old wooden shingle roof or install a new one from the ground up, shake roofs are a great option. These roofing systems are more durable and cost-effective than wooden shingle roofs. To learn more about shake style roofing, get in touch with the experts at Peak Perfection Contracting at 903-207-5764 today.

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