Texas Skylights & Roof Windows

Needing Texas skylights & roof windows? Replacing your old skylights is a great way to update your home’s look. The new Velux Skylights will look great on your roof as well as add natural lighting to a room. You can even install solar powered fresh air skylight and really make a room come alive.

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Texas Skylights & Roof Windows: Homeowner Benefits

There are many benefits to adding new Velux Skylights or replacing your old skylights with a new Velux Skylights or Roof Windows. Having natural sunlight in your Longview Texas home is a great reason and benefit of new Velux Skylights. Natural lighting can be beneficial to your mood, which means adding a new Velux Skylight could improve the quality of your life. Studies show that people who work in rooms with natural light get more and better sleep. Natural light has a balance of colors that is different from most artificial light sources, this can affect sleep and circadian rhythms.

 If you choose one of the fresh air Velux Skylights you can get the benefits of fresh air in your home as well as the natural lighting. You can even install the Velux model with a rain sensor and never worry about leaving a skylight open in the rain. The automatic sensor will sense rain and automatically close your skylights. 

Take the Velux Skylights Advantage

Velux Skylights & Roof Windows has more than 60-years in the skylight and roof window business. With the long history of Velux and the solid reputation of Peak Perfection Contracting, you can rest assured your new skylights will impress all your guests. 

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Even More Benefits of Velux Skylights

There are many reasons to replace your old skylights. The most obvious, if you are having a skylight leak issue. But even if you’re not having roof leaks from your skylights, Velux has many great benefits for homeowners to replace old skylights. 

Velux has many sizes and styles of skylights, many more than in past years. You can even special-order sizes to fit unique areas of your home. Having new Velux skylights will add more light to your home without sun bleaching your carpet or hardwood floors. The new Velux skylights have UV protection built into the glass, older skylights did not, leaving bleached areas on many homeowner’s floors.

With new Velux Skylights & Roof Windows you have fresh air options. The fresh air skylights will open allowing you to vent air from inside and having fresh air coming in. The Velux fresh air skylights are a great choice for bathrooms and kitchens. This will allow venting of a steamy bathroom and that occasional overcooked food that burns on the stove. 

Velux even has solar operated fresh air skylights with a rain sensor. No worries if you leave your skylights open and that afternoon rain shower hits your home. The Velux Skylight rain sensor will close your skylights for you.  

Texas Skylights & Roof Windows: Velux Built Tough

Some people are concerned that adding skylights or roof windows to their home will increase road noise or be loud when the neighbor is mowing their lawn. Again, no worries, the Velux Skylights are 40% quieter than other skylights on the market. Velux even has blinds built into their skylights so you can close out the sunlight when you want. Yes, they even have electric blinds, Velux makes things as easy as they can on the homeowner. 

Velux has invested heavily in energy-efficient models. Velux has a long company history and knows the future must have energy-efficient skylights. Velux has many solar models to fit any homeowner’s needs and budget. Many of the solar operated Velux Skylights will qualify for federal tax benefits.  

If you live in an area that is prone to get hailstorms like Texas and Oklahoma, Velux even has impact-resistant skylights. The E-class fixed impact-rated Velux skylight is rated for WBDR, it also meets IBC/IRC/FBC and other building codes in wind zone 3 coastal applications. Although the glass looks the same as other Velux skylights, it’s hurricane-resistant and shields against wind-born debris like hail. 

Texas Skylights & Roof Windows: Accessories

When looking to replacing your old skylights or add some well-placed skylights to your home, Velux has accessories you need to consider. Blackout blinds for your skylights will benefit rooms like bedrooms and living rooms. Fresh air skylights are a great addition to any room. If you install the Velux fresh air skylights you need to consider the manual or solar system. For just a little more money you can have the added convenience of the solar-powered fresh air Velux. This is a great addition to any room of your home. 

Don’t forget halls and closets. Velux sun tunnels will give you added light to these areas. You can always use more light in closets and hallways. Rather than more artificial lighting, try adding some natural light with Velux sun tunnels. 

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions About Skylights

I live in Longview Texas; will the Velux Skylights withstand hail?

In most cases yes. However, Longview and East Texas does get hit with exceptionally large size hail from time to time. The Velux impact resistant skylights can withstand most normal hail. If they do break it will be due to an abnormal hailstorm and you can make an insurance claim on your skylights along with your roof. 

I have 2×2 skylights on my house now. Can I go back with larger skylights?

It depends on the room and placement of your rafters. If the frame will fit between your rafters, then yes you can. Even if the frame does not fit, you can modify your roofing materials to make it fit, however, this will add extra cost to the labor for installation. 

I have had problems for years with leaky skylights. What is the warranty on Velux? 

If Peak Perfection Contracting installs your Velux Skylights and we use the Velux flashing kit, you can get the Velux 10-year no-leak warranty. Velux has the longest skylight warranty in the industry. 

Can a Longview TX roofer install my Velux Skylights?

Yes, a roofer can install your skylights, however, you need to make sure the roofer you choose has experience installing skylights to insure a leak free experience.

How much do Velux skylights cost? 

There is no standard cost for Velux skylights to be installed. Every installation will be a little different due to what shape your old skylights are in as well as the shape of the roof and deck where the new Velux Skylight is being installed. We can send a Peak Perfection project manager to your home for an inspection and give you a price for new skylights.