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Have a roof leak in your Waskom, Texas home? Call Peak Perfection Contracting, your Waskom Texas roofing contractor. 

Our roofing services are designed to help homeowners keep their home safe from roof leaks and the damage that come with water in a home. With the help of a licensed Waskom, TX roofing contractor, your home and family can get the right professional roofing services. Certain cases can be stressful for a homeowner but can be handled by Peak Perfection Contracting’s trained crews. 

Our skilled roofing team will make sure all of you roofing needs are met. 

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Peak Perfection Contracting is your local trusted roofer for Waskom, Texas and all of Harrison County TX. 

Information about our city of Waskom, Texas

Zip code for Waskom 75692

Area code 903

FIPS code 48-76692

GNIS feature ID 1349531

City of Waskom office website: cityofwaskom.com

Coordinates:  32°28′42″N 94°3′50″W

The city of Waskom is located within the Texas County of Harrison. Waskom is one of the few Texas cities that lost population from the 2010 census to the 2018 estimated census. The Waskom population dropped by almost 300 residents. That does not seem like much; however, the population of Waskom was only around 2,200 people in 2010. 

The city of Waskom was established in 1850 and was called Powell Town. This was presumably for Johnathan Powell, who had a land grant in the area at that time. Originally founded at the midway point between Dallas, Texas and Shreveport, Louisiana as an east to west cattle and cotton trail to the Red River. The city’s name was changed to Waskom in 1881, named after Southern Pacific Railroad director, J. M. Waskom.

A couple of notable things about Waskom, in 2014 and 2015 the Waskom High School won the 3A 2D football title. The City of Waskom in 2019 voted to outlaw abortion and become a “sanctuary city for the unborn”, other cities in Texas were also becoming sanctuary cities for the unborn as well. 

Waskom Texas Roofing

What Do Emergency Roofers Do?

The Waskom and East Texas area gets hit yearly by hail and windstorms. In many of these storms local homeowners may get roofing shingles blown off their roofs or a large tree limb may break off and fall on your roof. In some of these cases these types of roof damage will cause your roof to leak at the time of damage.

Peak Perfection Contracting is on call to tarp your roof or do emergency roof repairs to get you by until the full roof repair can be done. Our goal is to stop any water leak into your home until your insurance adjuster can inspect your home for your insurance claim. 

What Are the Benefits of a Roof Repair?

In many cases with roof damage, you can do a simple repair and get more service life from your current roofing system. Even if the repair is larger it may make sense to repair your current roof rather than buy another one. Peak Perfection can do a free roof inspection and lay out a roof estimate and plan for you. If the cost of a roof repair is less than 31% of the cost of a new roof, depending on the shape of your roof it may make sense to complete the roof repair. Your Peak Perfection project manager can help you make the right decision for your situation. 

Waskom Texas Roofing Contractor: Roofing Services Peak Provides

Residential Asphalt Shingle Roof Replacement

Peak Perfection Contracting is a CertainTeed Corporation certified roofing contractor providing new roofs to the Waskom Texas homeowners. Being a CertainTeed certified roofer allows Peak Perfection to offer Waskom residents not only better roof warranties, but also gives an added level of trust. Not just any local roofer can be certified with CertainTeed. You must meet specific criteria with CertainTeed to carry their badge. 

When Peak Perfection Contracting installs your new roofing system made by roofing material giant CertainTeed, you not only know your materials are backed by a company with over 100-years in business, but they also back Peak Perfection. Now you can have true peace of mind with your roofing project. 

Roof Repair

You will hear Peak Perfection Contracting talk a lot about roof repairs. Many Waskom, TX homeowners will need a good roof repair over the lifetime with their roof. From storm damage to improper installation possibly before you even bought your home will drive many roof repairs. Whatever the reason for your roof repair need, Peak Perfection is here as your trusted roofing contractor. 

Skylight Repair & Replacement

There are typically only two things going on with a homeowner’s skylights. Either they are old and a problem or you just bought new skylights and are ok. Most people are not ok with the skylights they have. Peak Perfection can give you a free roof inspection and see what shape your skylights are in. We can work with you to see if you want a skylights repair or if you’re ready to go all in with new skylights. 

If you need new skylights or are just ready to the new styles and benefits of new skylights, Peak Perfection can show you the 10-year no-leak Velux Skylights & Roof Windows. If Peak Perfection installs the new Velux Skylights along with the Velux flashing kit, you will qualify for the Velux 10-Year no-leak warranty. Velux has the longest and best warranties in the skylight industry. 

Attic Insulation

Many people do not know that attic insulation is part of their roofing system. Attic insulation plays an important role in keeping not only the interior of your home more comfortable, it works with your attic ventilation and roofing materials to protect your roof’s deck. According to the DOE, Department of Energy, over 90% of homes in America are under insulated. Your home being under insulated is costing you extra money on utility bills every month. Call Peak Perfection Contracting today for a free attic inspection to see if you need more attic insulation.

(FAQ) Frequently Asked Question for a Waskom Texas Roofing Contractor

Do Your Do Roof Repairs in Waskom Texas?

We get asked this question on a regular basis. Yes, Peak Perfection loves doing roof repairs along with new roof installations. A Peak Perfection roof repair could get you many more years with your current roofing system. 

Do You Do Skylight Repairs or Just Install New Skylights?

Yes, we have done many skylights repairs, in some cases we can repair a skylight. There are many other cases where the skylight is just too old and needs to be replaced. Your Peak Perfection project manager can help you make the right decision for your situation. 

How Long Can I Expect My Roof Repair to Last?

This is another roofing question we get asked often and is an excellent question. The only way to know how long a roof repair might last would be with a thorough roof inspection first. We would need to see what repair is needed, how old the roofing materials are around the area needing the roof repair, and then we can give you a reasonable timeframe we think your roof repair will last. 

Roofing services can save your home from damage that can result from roof leaks as well as roof related problems you may not know you even have. Don’t postpone a roof and attic inspection from Peak Perfection Contracting. Call Peak Perfection today and know what shape your roofing system is in. 903-930-0996